Enrich your conference call with video

WebFlex makes it possible to share presentations and web cams with all other participants. Read on or take a look at a screenshot.

Video conferencing

Have each participant share his web cam and turn your audio conference into a video conference. For sound the phone is used as telephony gives the best audio quality.

Bekijk een WebFlex-screenshot

Switching presenter

Each participant can be assigned as the presenter in WebFlex and gain control over the presentation sharing.


WebFlex contains a chat window that enables participants to post questions or remarks without interrupting the speaker.

Free and no reservations

The use of WebFlex is free. And reservation-less as usual with newConference.

Document/presentation sharing

You will obtain the best results when you convert your document to PDF-format prior to upload it to webFlex.

More about document formats.

System requirements

Use WebFlex with a Firefox or Google Chrome browser (both are available for free).